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Twin Pregnancy Update: Week 17

Hi guys,

So once again I find myself apologising for being MIA from the blog in recent weeks but hopefully you’ve been enjoying my daily updates on Instagram and Snapchat.

From announcing our pregnancy news I have been genuinely overwhelmed with the amount of support, lovely messages, tips and advice and general good wishes that we have received from friends and strangers alike. Social media has been so amazing and I’m really thankful to all of you.

I was a little hesitant as to whether I would actually share very much of my twin pregnancy journey online as I’m very aware that most of you have been following me for fashion not baby update! However, lots of you seem to want to hear all about it and I’m getting questions all the tine from other mamas-to-be so I figure a blog post can’t hurt and we will play it by ear from there.

I’m currently 17weeks+3 and we had a scan at Craigavon Area Hospital yesterday. Thankfully all was good with the twins and their mammy and we even got to hear their amazing little heartbeats for the first time. So so amazing. As they’re getting big it was much more difficult to get a picture of them both onscreen at once compared to our first scan but as long as they’re ok in there that’s all that matters.

Nerves are already setting in for our ‘big’ scan in a months time. The Anomaly scan as it’s known takes place in the x-ray department and checks for any major physical abnormalities in the babies. I know I’ll be on total tenterhooks before this one but as we all know worry won’t change or help anything so we will take it as it comes and deal with whatever the outcome together. I am also very aware that this scan can’t pick up on every potential problem or issue but an all clear result would certainly help to relax me for the rest of our journey.

The Gender Reveal

I have been asked so many times already if I’m going to find out if these little babies in my belly are boys or girls (or one of each) and each time I have confidently replied – YES!

For me finding out we were expecting twins was surprise enough so I am super excited to find out the babies genders at our next scan and start preparing to meet them. Will I share the news with all of you… well you’ll just have to wait and see I suppose 😉

The twin surprise

Nope my family isn’t known for twins. This is without doubt the most asked question I’ve received. I also don’t know how we’ve ended up expecting two little miracles, we haven’t done anything any different as far as I’m aware – just downright lucky I suppose. Pete has one set of twin cousins and his granny was a twin but according to lots of sources the twin ‘gene’ if you like only comes through the maternal side so your guess on the magic of nature is as good as mine I’m afraid.

The next most common question is ‘when are you due?’

Due date works slightly different with twins in that you don’t go the full 40 weeks. The doctor has already explained to me that they won’t be letting me go any further than 37 weeks, which will be the week of August 20th, so currently I’m using that as prep date. Although twins do deliver on average around 35 weeks (eeeek) so I might not even have that long. Time already feels like it’s flying in and when you consider those dates I’m almost half way there!!

Diet and health

I have been very VERY lucky I know to have no sickness through this pregnancy. Interestingly my mummy never had any sickness with me either so perhaps there’s something in that! I’ve always had a stomach of steel though through dodgy takeouts, hangovers from hell and trying virtually every food concoction under the sun I can count on one hand how many time’s I’ve actually been sick throughout my lifetime. I’m very thankful though as I’m one of those people who cry dramatically when they’re physically sick so it could have got very messy indeed. In all seriousness though as someone who is self-employed and sick days and maternity pay are a wonderful fairytale I am very grateful that I’ve been able to work away as normal so far. Symptoms I have experienced though are heart palpitations (which are rather scary) and the need for naps (which is where working for yourself plays massively to your benefit).

I take Pregnacare max vitamins daily and was advised to also take Aspirin daily from 12weeks to prevent the risk of pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure and blood clotting.  extra oranges, Pregnancy pillow – aches and pains

Books and Diary

I’m one of those people that kind of believes that often in life a certain level of ignorance is indeed bliss. I have picked up a couple of books but I have no intention of being too well read… I’m currently operating on a need-to-know policy. One book however which I have found incredible helpful and straightforward is ‘What to Expect when you’re expecting’ the 5th edition. It has proven to be my pregnancy bible when I’m unsure about a symptom or wondering what the word means. The second book which I’m currently reading through and enjoying I actually only ordered last week after being directed to her Instagram page by several followers. Clemmie Hooper’s, ‘How to Grow a Baby and Push it Out’ is the non-nonsense guide to pregnancy and birth. Which has fully succeeded in freaking my husband out by the title alone… they’re some craic aren’t they….

I have also just ordered Clemmie’s, ‘How to Grow a Baby Journal’ which is a beautiful keepsake journal for capturing all your thought’s feelings and memories throughout pregnancy. I had actually already been keeping a basic diary that I hope to be able to share with the twins one day and when my own memories fade somewhat I thought it would be lovely to have something to relive this special time in life. I now intend to transfer all my scribblings over to this much prettier journal when it arrives and keep it forever.

The only other book I have consulted to date is one I picked up in The Works at the Boulevard in Banbridge for only £3. ‘How to Name a Baby and Get it Right’ by Sophie Shaw. With two little bundles to name I figured I needed all the help and ideas I could get!

Fashion & Skincare

If you follow me on social media you will already know I am obsessed with my maternity jeans from Mothercare. I bought two pairs a skinny style and a pair of mom style both with rips and in all honesty really nice jeans. I got so big so quick (for my previous wardrobe) that I was in dire need of maternity jeans from around 8 weeks! Top wise (apart from a hugely developing pair and the unquestionable need for a bra-fit early on) I have been getting away with a good few bits from my old wardrobe. My two new non-wired (not particularly pretty granted) bra’s from Marks & Spencer’s have been an absolute godsend. I have actually picked up a couple of lovely tops and dresses from Zara and a raincoat from Dunnes this past week with are super on trend and maternity friendly which I hope to share in a video in the coming days. My other pregnancy saviours when it comes to clothes are the long line vests from Primark £3 each and allows me to wear away at my shorter tops. I’ve 2 in white and 2 in black that I alternate.

As for my skin I personally feel I’ve broken out quite a lot for me – probably due to the increase of oil on my skin which I wouldn’t be used to! However lots of you still ask about my skincare routine so maybe I see it as worse than it is. From fear mongering when I found out I was pregnant I put my usual skincare routine on hold and picked up some of the Burt’s Bees products in Boots which are between 99%-100% natural. Though I have to admit I am really missing my Image products and some extra TLC for my skin. So I’ve booked in with the lovely Terri from Advanced dental and skincare in Banbridge who is an absolute expert when it comes to skin and in particular the Image product range which I love. I had been visiting her for facials prior to pregnancy and she got my started (and now addicted) to the Image range.  I’m hoping she will be better able to advise me on what I can and can’t use during my pregnancy and of course I’ll share that with you too.

Now for the body. I’ve kind of resigned myself at this point that stretch marks are going to be inevitable. I can’t really expect to carry around two precious little lives and not have any warrior marks. However I am doing my best already to keep them to a minimum with the use of bio oil and E45 cream.

As a few eagle eyes pointed out in my last bump photo I am still wearing a belly bar. This is in fact an extra long flexi bar made specifically for pregnancy. I still don’t expect to be able to wear it for the entire duration but at least this should mean I get several extra weeks from it without any stretching or scarring of the piercing.

The shopping list

I put the question out to my Instagram a couple of weeks ago as to when people typically felt was the right time to start buying bits in for the twins. I’ve personally been a bit torn between superstition, not wanting to get too ahead of myself and then on the other hand being prepared practically and financially. Having EVERYTHING to buy for two new little babies is obviously going to cost and the more we can spread that out the more manageable and less stressful it will be. As expected I got a really lovely mix of opinions and ideas but the general consensus was to wait until after the 20week mark or next scan.

The biggie for us will be the travel system/pram. Currently our front runners are the Bugaboo Donkey, The Mountain Buggy Duet and The iCandy Peach. When we investigate each a little more and make our decision I’ll pop up a post or video.

The one thing I am already screen-shotting like a madwoman is nursery ideas. Granted the room we have tentatively labelled as the ‘nursery’ in our home is pretty small so there is only so much I can do with it, but that won’t stop me getting excited.

Health & Fitness

After a bit of a scare early on following a gym session I was advised to take some time off from the gym. I have since returned but it has been difficult if I’m honest as I’m having to totally change up my previous routine and classes. I am really missing it though so I am going to make a better attempt going forward to make it a more regular part of my routine. I did have a new plan put together by one  of the PTs for  a more pregnancy friendly workout plan that I can work on at my own pace. I am also returning to circuit classes and simply replacing any of the exercises not advised with squats, lunges and arm weights. I already walk regularly but for me I like doing a bit more so hoping this will have me feeling more like me. I will also look at going back to the pool, I had been letting body consciousness put me off to date but screw that eh!

Finally I have signed up to some local birthing classes which commence in the next fortnight and this includes some basic pregnancy yoga which I am very excited to try! If anyone knows of other yoga or Pilates classes not too far from Banbridge do let me know!

All the positive vibes

Thanks again for all the love and positivity so far we really do appreciate it. We never know what tomorrow will bring, none of us do, but for now I’m really enjoying and fully appreciative of my pregnancy journey.

All being well I’ll be back with another update soon  – please feel free to keep sending me your tips and thoughts I honestly enjoy reading them all whether they’re for us or not. Also if there’s anything that you’d like me to cover or address with regard to twin pregnancy do let me know and if I can I will!

All the love,


Danielle xx

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