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The 20 tips I’m following to help me through a healthier January

Ok so back on the consistency model for my blog, Wednesdays henceforth with be a mix of lifestyle, travel or beauty. Or in other words where I put my non-fashion related posts. This week I decided I would kick it off by keeping a promise that I failed to do on my insta stories… my bad!

This New Year I decided to go easy on the ole list of resolutions and instead just set smaller achievable goals and in general just build healthier habits and routine into my normal day-to-day. I love my treats and I believe they’re just as important as being good. SHOCKER it’s all about balance… go figure. So rather than go cold turkey on the biscuit cupboard, sign up for an iron man or feel deflated when I didn’t hit that ridiculous number on the scales (which I usually set after too much New Years eve Prosecco).

I decided this year I would face 2018 more ‘practically’ and to help me focus I wrote out a list of 20, very simple, very basic pointers, in the front of my notebook that I can read, glance at or use to refocus me throughout the month. They’re not particularly exciting and certainly not ground-breaking, in fact I’m sure you’ve either heard, read or wrote down each of them yourselves at one point or another. However for me simplicity and common sense was key.

Now this is where I have to hold my hands up because I did promise everyone on insta and snap that I would share one of these tips on a daily basis to help any of you guys who might need a little encouragement too. I started out pretty well but then work and things (mainly poor organisation and other inexcusable excuses) got in the way and they fell to the wayside. Sooooo to make it up I figured I’d just list them all here and anyone who wants to read them can without me having to annoy anyone else who thinks its a complete snore! #winWIN

20 habits for a healthier me…

1.Set small regular goals that you can achieve daily/weekly.                                                (small successes encourage further achievement)

2. Monitor your goals and progress no matter how small the success.                                      (Don’t underestimate the satisfaction of ticking something off that list whether that’s making it to that dreaded gym class, having a chocolate free day or hitting your water intake for 3 days in a row

3. Wear active wear when you can! (See my previous post on activewear for some inspo)   (I always find that when I wear sports gear I am generally more encouraged to be more active and do more steps in my day-to-day.)

4. Park in furthest away space you can find in the car-park.  (particularly good when shopping as you also get the exercise of carrying back the bags).

5. Take the stairs … obvious enough one.

6. Consider a Juicing program to kick start your healthy kick, motivate you for that special event or pick you up if you’re not seeing much progress.                                              (If you follow me you will know I’m a big fan of the Skinny Malinky’s 3day juice to dinner programme (review here). It’s great for shifting a few lbs yes but moreover it really helps you reassess your diet and jam packs it full of fruits, veggies and nutrients for 3 full days)

7. Reduce the bread (or at least switch it up to wholemeal/wholegrain).  I hear you though fresh bread is my favourite too. Truth is though we usually reach for it because we haven’t had time to sort a healthier alternative and it’s just too damn easy. Seriously though it bloats me like nothing else. I can easily put on several lbs in a VERY short space of time purely from bread bloat!

8. Dry January… or even just reserve your tipple for the weekend. We all know it and we don’t want to hear it but it’s not news to us that alcohol is the enemy when it comes to weight gain, late night snacking, next day (all day) carb feasting and a severe lack of motivation to hit that early gym class. Pete and I are the WORST for school night socialising so Dry January was always going to be a struggle for me. But hey ho… I’m still here!

9. Water. Water. Water. Very few of us get the daily amount we need and it is so true that half the time we snack when we are actually most likely just thirsty. Try having a big glass of water before you eat I’ve always found that helps me. A glass first thing in the morning will also help kickstart your metabolism.

10. Prep it! We mentioned above that we all reach for the ‘bad’ stuff usually due to busy lives. So make extra of your evening dinner to pack up for next day lunches. Bulk cook those chicken breasts, they’re great for snacking or handy for making up healthier meals quickly. Wash and cut celery, carrots and cucumber and have them in the fridge with a pot of humus perfect for snacking. Make sure you wash those strawberries, raspberries and blueberries before you put them in the fridge. Yip it might only take a few minutes but we all know when we need a sugar fix those minutes are just too long… hello biscuit. Also pop some blueberries in the freezer … they make yummy sweeties.

11. Start the day with a smoothie. If you find it hard to hit your daily portions of fruit and veg this is a great way to help meet your quota. It also makes for a super quick, easy and tasty breakfast which you can take on the go. Just make sure you have done your prep! Or at least have some frozen fruit in your freezer, a bunch of bananas at hand and some ready-washed spinach or kale in the veg drawer. I also love adding some coconut water and natural yogurt to mine with a spoonful of flaxseed.

12. Reward yourself!! Hit that weekly goal? Haven’t missed a gym class? Can now run 2mile without collapsing? Whatever your goals are monitoring is great (as we mentioned above) but don’t forget to pat yourself on the back or give yourself a little reward. Maybe some new gym gear or a friday night cheat meal date with your bestie. I always find setting the reward first helps motivate me… nothing gets me running on that treadmill like thoughts of those ‘justified’ new shoes.

13. Gym classes. Yes it can be daunting to begin with but I promise you when you get stuck into a regular class it becomes part of your routine and you will soon be going as much for the social aspect as the exercise factor.

14. Enlist a partner. Its simple… you guilt them into going and they guilt you. You both declare ridiculous intentions to each other about what you intend achieving then force yourself to see them through out of shear guilt and embarrassment. Whatever works eh? A friend of partner makes those cold, early mornings that much more doable and adds a social aspect to your workouts.

15. Do a ‘big shop’. When you shop in a positive, healthy mindset you fill the trolley with all the good stuff. A full fridge means no excuses to HAVE to go for a takeaway or grab a convenience meal. NEVER shop hungry. If you go from work always ensure you have some nuts, fruit or an energy bar in your bag. In fact that should be a tip in itself – keep healthy snacks in your bag, the car and your locker at work.

16. Prepare treats. We all love our treats and they can do wonders for our mindset. So rather than always feeling guilty for that bold treat why not have some healthier treats at hand? Make up some protein balls, have some frozen yogurt in the freezer, keep a jar of peanut butter at hand (yum with apples) and when savoury cravings appear grab some rice crackers (the salt and vinegar ones are my favourite).

17. Stay Busy. The busier you are the less you obsess over food or daydream about the goodies. Arrange coffee dates with friends after work, join a class, go for a walk. If you are a food obsessor, give yourself less time to obsess.

18. Bin the excuses.

19. Download the my fitness Pal app. A great app for tracking your daily exercise, water intake, what you eat, your nutrients and your weight (if you wish). You can set goals whether that’s in terms of calories, fitness or nutrition and limits on your salt and fat intake etc. For those more into their fitness there’s also a premium version where you can track macros etc. They have a brilliant database of foods… you will literally find everything in there.

20. Have fun with it. Be adventurous. Try new recipes. Try a new type of exercise. Walk more places and don’t be too hard on yourself. If you fall of the wagon what odds. Just get back on it.

Just to be clear these are just MY little tips and trips that I find useful. I’m not qualified in anyway to get nutritional or health advice. This is just me sharing what I do.

Good luck!



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