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That time I lost 6lbs in 3days …

Yip I was as gobsmacked as you when I hopped on the scales three days after starting my Skinny Malinky’s juice cleanse. Without starving myself or going without any food I managed to shift a massive 6lbs in just three days.

Granted I understand that some of that will have been our good old friend water retention. However I think we can all agree that to see that change in such a short period can’t help but make you feel great. I took on the Skinny Malinky’s cleanse mainly to get rid of my increasing tummy bloat before my birthday party a couple of weeks ago. I had seriously over-indulged in food and drink on the weeks leading up and I just felt a bit ‘meh’. So in an attempt to feel more comfortable in my outfit for the party and boost my energy levels I decided to give a juice cleanse a go. I had previously done a juice detox and had really good results but it was juice only and I buckled after the second day in need of some solid food. So this time around several people recommended local company Skinny Malinky’s to me, which offers a 3 day ‘Juice to dinner’ program.

Any of you who know me know I LOVE my food and that is no exaggeration. So the idea of only juice for 3 days, no matter how good it tasted, was a no go in my books. This ‘Juice to Dinner’ cleanse was the perfect middle ground. You replace your breakfast, lunch and snacks with 4 juices and then have a healthy dinner every evening. You can also have caffeine-free green tea (much ti my relief) and all the water you’d like, with some lemon and limes thrown in to taste. I f you are really struggling you can also have a small handful of raw nuts or some chopped veggies.

Food Diary

So lots of you asked what did I actually eat for my ‘healthy dinner’ alongside the 4 juices. So here it is…

Day 1: I didn’t get home to 10pm so it was a bit late for a proper dinner (much to my dismay). So instead I had a large cooked chicken breast, on a slice of ham, sprinkled with some low fat cheese and topped with some bbq sauce.

Day 2: A green tea. Sweet chilli salmon fillet with spiral carrots, sugarsnap peas and baby corn stir-fried in soy sauce with a handful of cashews. I also had a sneaky can of coke zero.

Day 3: Tuna snack pot (they’re so good and super handy for my break at work!), 6 dinky deckers (total cheat but I gave in to chocolate),

Tips and Tricks

Overall I have to say I didn’t find sticking to the plan very hard, probably because there was some real solid food allowed! What I also found majorly helped was staying busy and distracted. I completed the cleanse over 3 days where I was working and purposely planned to meet friends or go into town when I wasn’t working to stop myself from thinking about it. Also remembering to have your juices regularly rather than waiting to get hungry because they actually are filling. I wasn’t able to fit the four of mine in everyday as I was personal shopping and hadn’t the option to drink during appointments and I still managed. However, managing your time and ensuring you have them all would definitely make things easier. Being able to have green tea also added massive comfort before bed.

Discount Code

Needless to say I was absolutely delighted to lose 6lbs on the 3day cleanse and it did make me feel even better zipping up my jumpsuit for the party. I will certainly do it again, I’m already lining up another cleanse to help minimise the damage after I spend 9 days eating and drinking my way around the south of France next week. The stress of fitting into a bridesmaid dress that’s already bought for my little sister’s wedding on November 3rd.

After completing my cleanse and given the huge interest I got over social media, I got in touch with the lovey people at Skinny Malinky’s who offered me a discount code to share with you guys!

So… until the end of October the code: ddstylist will give you 10% off any of their cleanses. They also offer 5day cleanses and all juice cleanses which I would imagine would mean even better results,  but I just couldn’t do them lol

EVEN BETTER there’s currently a 10% SALE already on the site which this code will work alongside, so effectively you can get 20% off.

Did It stay off?

This is the question I’ve been asked the most over the last week and I feel like this is where I’ve actually let the cleanse down. The reason being that rather than using the huge weight loss to get back on the wagon I literally have never eaten worse and exercised less in my life (or at least in recent years) than I have over the past fortnight. In my defence it was my 30th birthday, so if you can’t have a massive blow out for that then when can you? The problem is it’s probably not a very accurate portrayal of the cleanse so apologies for that… bad bad blogger. Anyways I jumped on the scales yesterday to register the damage and my weight 16 days later was 9st 2lbs.

To be honest the fact that I ate takeaway every single day for a week after my birthday, had a four-day LONG weekend of drinking and birthday celebrations the weekend after my party for my actual birthday and haven’t stepped foot in the gym from the first week of September. I’ll take the 2lb gain and consider myself one very lucky girl!

DISCLAIMER! Now … I am in no way ‘promoting’ losing weight, quick loss solutions or ‘recommending’ for everyone to run out and do a juice cleanse. There is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle, exercise and balance. I’m simply sharing my experience with you and how I got on. It’s obviously not a long-term fix but personally I found to get rid of that bloat before a special occasion or big event, or even to  kickstart a new healthier regime, it’s just the ticket.

You can find out more about the cleanses, what’s in the juices and more over on the Skinny Malinky’s website

lots of love,Danielle xx

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