Marbella or Puerto Banus?

Hello you lovely lot!

So I’m home again and already missing feeling the heat of the sun on my skin and the sand between my toes. We had an absolute ball exploring Marbella and Puerto Banus over the past week as any of you following on snapchat will know (sorry for the pollution lol). I got so many great suggestions from those of you who have been to the area before on where to eat, drink and visit so thank you for that. On the flip side I also got loads of questions from those of you who haven’t been before or are planning a trip there soon. I did try to directly answer as many or those as possible but I thought I’d pick out the most asked question – Marbella or Puerto Banus? –  and try to answer it here.

We stayed in the H10 Andalucia-plaza in Puerto Banus which was a really lovely, adults-only, hotel with onsite spa and casino next door. It’s also a great location for any of you heading to Ocean Beach Club as it was only a short walk away. My only gripe with this hotel is that it is situated across a busy main road from the seafront so you have to use a  sub-tunnel (albeit well-lit) to get across. I get that in one way this is a great idea and safer and easier than crossing the road but on the other hand those tunnels just freak me out lol. If you do visit the hotel you HAVE to have a full body massage in the spa… it was literally the best I’ve had world over – unreal.

Puerto Banus was lovely and definitely worth visiting. Like I said it’s home to the infamous Ocean beach club (if that’s your scene) and also has a great selection of restaurants bars and nightclubs located either on the marina front or just a street behind. Everything is in really close proximity so when you get there you can easily dander from place to place without the need for taxis or maps. The marina itself is a spectacle to behold with multi-million pound yachts docked next to each other and a constant stream of luxury cars cruising alongside it. Couple that with the huge variation of designer stores that interweave between the bars and eateries and you really get a sense of the upscale affluence that has crowned the town a playground of the rich and famous.

Marbella on the other hand has a bit more of a mix. The new town offers the typical tourist feel expectant of a Spanish holiday hotspot, however, the old town of Marbella offers a glimpse into days gone by with beautiful cobbled streets leading to open squares lined with orange trees and enclosed with old worldly Mediterranean style architecture. I absolutely adored the old town and meandering around the little streets happening on old-style taverns (with glasses of vino for just 2euro) and more traditional tapas restaurants (with 6 dishes for approx 10euro). In my opinion this area certainly offered much more than just exceptional value for money (that is when you seek out the backstreet gems owned by locals with little to no English and boycot the tourist traps). There’s something magical about this part of Marbella and I’d highly recommend everyone visiting. It’s particularly lovely to wander around these parts as a couple or friendship group if you’re not majorly interested in the whole party scene.

So, my overall verdict? Well for me WHEN we return we will definitely opt to stay in Marbella this time as opposed to Puerto Banus. For me it just offered so much more choice and variety (and shopping options). I would certainly revisit Banus for a day/night during my trip to sit by the marina and enjoy the nightlife but for me Marbella is a much better all-rounder base. Plus its only a 15min taxi between the two so it’s very easy to visit both. For those looking to be a little more active you can also walk the approc 8k along the seafront between Marbella and Puerto Banus. We did it once and as long as you’re not in a rush it’s a nice walk – with plenty of pit stop options for a tipple along the way.

Hope this helps – any other questions feel free to drop me a message and I’ll do my best to get back to you.

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Danielle xx

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