Making me Blush

I have to say I’m usually a ‘definite’ colour sort of girl. I tend to avoid the wishy-washy pastels and barely-there palettes opting instead for strong, statement, know what they are colours. However, even I’ve been swayed by the plethora of blush pink that’s currently swamping the high street and designer stores alike.

For such a delicate hue this season’s obsession with blush pink means it is far from paling into the background. Everything from occasion wear, work-wear and gym-gear to wardrobe basics and must-have accessories can be found revamped in this surprisingly subtle shade. It’s girlie, romantic and cuts through those darker winter colours that still occupy the majority of shop floors like the earliest buds of spring. It’s like a gentle transition to the new season. A way to add a soft shade of colour to our wardrobes without coming on too strong too soon. What’s not to love I suppose?

Here’s some blush inspo from my current high street favourites:


New Look knit £22.99


Co-ords from Pink Boutique


Pretty Little Thing – faux leather skirt


Bustier Midi dress – Topshop


Peg leg satin trousers ASOSfullsizerender-7

Debenhams (Star by Julien McDonald)fullsizerender-8

Oversize Biker – Boohoo


Faux suede mini skirt – Pretty Little Thingimg_4836

Pale faux leather midi –  PLT

fullsizerender-2 fullsizerender-3

plt Premium – Dust pink lace dress


Bardot ruffle jumpsuit – Next £55


“I can’t wear pale pink”… !!

I can hear you. I’ve already had lots of clients proclaim to me that there is no way that they can wear this shade.

‘It’ll wash me out’ or ‘It drains me‘. Well I’m going to simply repeat to you what I said to them.

First off…. nobody’s forcing you to wear it, there are no blush pink enforcers, so if you genuinely don’t dig it that’s totally your prerogative, fashion’s about making your own choices, trends are just that… trends.

However, for those looking to test the waters here are my top tips for a smooth introduction to this controversial hue:

  1. Mix and match: Opt for pieces that combine this shade with another stronger colour such as navy or green. This works particularly well if the alternative colour is prominent along the neckline or closer to the face.hybrid-hybrid-mayfair-pale-pink-navy-v-neck-contrast-lace-knee-length-dress-p1991-7022_imageHybrid Navy/Pink dress
  2. Trim it: Look out for clothing with trims that give the illusion of breaking up the colour. This could be in the form of a lace trim, a bordering black stripe or ruffles.img_4806River Island – Bow trim dress
  3. Bottoms up: Trying wearing the shade on the lower half of your body so that it’s not directly against your face/neck which can cause that washed-out effect on certain skin tones. Opt for a darker top and pair with some trousers or a skirt in your new favourite colour. You can minimise the effect further by choosing a skirt and pairing it with some black tights to really break down and harden up the colour. Tip: If you really want to kick it with the fashionistas this season make those tights a pair of fishnets.img_4846Next Dipped hem skirt
    img_4871Culottes from My Boutique (on sale £20)
  4. Throwing shade: I’ve been referring to ‘blush pink’, which is generally the shade knocking about.  However, as with every colour palette there are also variations in the shade to be found meaning there’s a shade that will work for everyone! If being washed out is your main fear then opt for a slightly deeper version of this gentle hue. Simples. 697484_rolloverRobe coat £55 River Island
  5. In the bag: Rocking this season’s controversial shade does not have to involve any clothes at all…. and no we’re not talking body paint you saucy minxes. In opposition to our general need for definition in clothing shades, subtlety is our best friend when it comes to accessories.  A handbag, shoes, scarf or jewellery in a blush pink tone is guaranteed to go with pretty much all of your existing wardrobe. Allowing for some risk-free experimentation with a shade you won’t get sick of looking at.
    img_4834Guess Wedge Trainerimg_4848 img_4852 img_4856 img_4864
  6. The small print: Pick pieces with a statement print or embroidery in a contrasting colour to detract full attention from this pretty little colour.ts13z34kcrm_zoom_m_1Embroidered blouse Topshopimage1xl-2New Look embroidered Jumper
  7. Face-off: As I mentioned above if you’re worried about this colour washing you out the best thing to do is avoid clothes in this shade coming too close to your face. Think cardigans or coats layered over contrasting colours or a pink sweater worn over a white or denim shirt. Alternatively look more closely at the neckline of the clothes you pick. Bardot tops keep the colour far enough away from your face as do deep v necks.


ASOS oversized cardi


Forever New Bardot top

2 thoughts on “Making me Blush

  1. Looooove it! Unusually for me I’ve already embraced the blush pink with a fab new look v neck long sweater. It MUST be influence of a three year old 😂


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