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Semi-Permanent Eyebrows with Sandra Kachel Lisburn Northern Ireland

Hello you gorgeous things!

I know you’ve all been ultra keen to know how I got on with my first semi-permanent make-up experience so as promised here’s a little blog on my experience.

For my semi-permanent eyebrows I chose to go with Sandra Kachel (who was based in Lurgan but has literally just moved to Lisburn). Sandra is the owner of the S.K. Institute of Permanent Makeup now located in Lisburn, which not only performs an array of high quality treatments from semi-permanent makeup to LVL and top of the range facials. But Sandra and her team also train new semi-permanent make-up practitioners – so you really can expect top level service and experience.

Why Semi-permanent Eyebrows?

I did/do have pretty decent eyebrows and they are quite full and dark so ordinarily you wouldn’t think this would be something on my wish list. However, years of over-plucking and dodgy waxing jobs meant I had sparse areas within the brows that try as I might just wouldn’t grow back! One was also a little shorter than the other and trying to maintain a balanced, thick shape was a full-time job. I was filling in my brows daily, even when I wasn’t wearing any other make-up just so that they didn’t look odd on my face. This was a real pain. Plus I’m a renowned ‘face-toucher’ – I’m literally always pawing at my face so the smudging was real!! Also with things like the gym or holidays with the heat I had to either choose to showcase dodgy looking powder-free brows or risk black smudges all around the top of my face. So, after lots of thinking and deliberating I decided to opt for the semi-permanent treatment.

Was it sore?

I won’t lie – it certainly doesn’t tickle. Though you’d have to expect that with a needle being used. However it wasn’t as bad as I had built it up to be. If you can survive a bikini wax you’ll be fine. Just remember the outcome is worth it. I’ll certainly be going back for top-ups so it wasn’t a deterrent for me.

The photo below shows before and immediately after (hence the redness). Even though I was absolutely delighted with them afterwards I didn’t truly notice how amazing the transformation was until I saw this picture – unreal!!


Thankfully Sandra had warned me that they would look very dark straight after as the eyebrows needed time to heal and for the colour to properly set. Otherwise I may have been a little panicked at the prominent scouse brow look that greeted me lol

For the next week to ten days I avoided getting my eyebrows wet (as best possible) and I also avoided foundation to ensure it didn’t set in the eyebrow hair before they healed up properly and potentially caused an infection or delayed the process.

I also on Sandra’s recommendation used coconut oil on them daily (is there anything that holy grail can’t do.. honestly if you don’t already own a huge tub of coconut oil you need to invest!)

This protected the brows and also helped speed up the healing process, preventing itchiness and the temptation to scratch!

Below is a picture of my brows a week after having them done. As you can see they’re still pretty dark as they hadn’t fully healed but I was in love by this stage!


I’m now 4 weeks in and my eyebrows are long healed and honestly I couldn’t be happier with them. The colour has settled perfectly, if anything I could have went a tiny bit darker so I might have an early top-up but it’s all a learning process to be where you want to be. Plus it’s much easier to go gradually darker or heavier than try and reverse things!

Here’s a pic of me and my sister at  my recent hen pamper session (I’m on the right). That’s my brows au-naturale – pretty good eh! Ant has good brows too but they’re filled in here so it’s good to see the comparison. However what I really love about my new brows is being able to head straight out after my morning shower with only some facial moisturiser, a slick of lip balm and a little mascara and feeling great.


If you’re interested in finding out more about semi-permanent eyebrows I couldn’t recommend Sandra highly enough. Her new salon is open in Lisburn at 1 Longstone Street, Lisburn BT28 1TP and you can find her and her team on Facebook at the S.K. Institute of Permanent Makeup. For more information and to see all the treatments available at the salon you can visit the website

Prices vary depending on whether you opt for powdered brows, hair strokes or part eyebrows but you can see the pricelist here.

Love Danielle


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